Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Feida Bakery and Old Chinatown

Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you who you are.—Brillat-Savarin

After the meal, we moseyed over to Feida Bakery to pick up weekly supplies. Previously, walking into Feida was a scary experience because the lady behind the counter would yell at you if you did not rattle off your order fast enough, if you hesitated between orders or added new items to your completed order. Strangely enough, the ladies behind the counter were so pleasant during our past 3 visits. The first time it happened, the bf asked if we should stop at a gas station to buy a Powerball ticket. Being Chinese, we did get the ticket but didn’t win.

Today’s visit was also very pleasant and the lady actually gave us a discount on some buns and exchanged the cup soybean milk (few hours old) that we picked up from the counter for a steaming, fresh off the stove cup. I was so disorientated that I forgot to take pictures inside the store. Here are some pics of the storefront and goodies that we carted home. The soybean milk was completely consumed before we even got home.

Feida Storefront

Pak Thong Koh or Steamed Rice Cake

Paper Cupcakes and Curry Beef Bun

The paper cupcakes are called Zhi Pau Tan Koh (cantonese) and are so delicious that I often inhale more than one in a sitting. Then I found out that the 'special ingredient' is lard. Sigh...things that taste good are often very bad for you.

Feida is also known for their egg tarts but we didn't not get any today. Watching my cholesterol-mah.

Feida Bakery
2228 S. Wentworth Ave, Chicago, IL


Hours: 7 a.m.-9 p.m. seven days a week

Also featured are random pics of Chicago’s Chinatown. Enjoy:

The famous Chinatown Arch

A beautiful example of Chinese architecture and craftsmanship. The intricate carvings are amazing

Another angle of the same building

A beautiful glazed peacock

The bf wanted to know why I was taking picture of everything except for the Penang restaurant. Sub standard food-lah. I am from Penang, how to endorse poor quality food? So I made do with taking pictures of the restaurant. To give them credit, there are some dishes that are very well prepared, like their nasi lemak and kangkung belachan. Don't even try dishes like laksa or hokkien mee. You are just asking for trouble.

  • Lessons learnt:
    Never try to drive to Chinatown on an empty stomach. You may last till you reach the restaurant, but you’ll order way too much food.
  • Always go to the bathroom after a meal and before taking a long drive home. Chicago traffic is ALWAYS congested and Murphy’s Law dictates that traffic will come to a standstill just as soon as you feel the need to relieve yourself.

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