Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Arrrgghh......I fell victim to the evil cold virus that is circulating out there....and now in my system. I thought my immune system was at it's peak from being exposed to so many types of bugs and viruses at work but it suddenly lost the battle yesterday...just as I was going to work. Then, I spiked a fever at work and it was all over....the virus took over. I started sniffling, having hot and cold flashes, stomach cramps, the shakes (yeah, I found that one new symptom AS I was suturing up a patient's face), a headache, I can't hear out of the right ear and my throat is KILLING me.


Anyway...I was craving for some comfort food but my body was aching too much to cook. So I sat in front of the computer for an hour, then finally had enough caffeine in me to move. This soup based dish is really simple to make if you have the right ingredients in the kitchen already. Since mine is always stocked to survive a famine, I didn't have to drag my body to the grocery store.

Mee Suah or Tang Hoon Soup

  • Half a package of Mee Suah or Tang Hoon (dried)
  • 2L of Swanson's Chicken stock
  • One can of baby straw mushrooms (drained)
  • An assortment of meat balls, fish balls, squid balls etc
  • 4 stalks of baby bok choi, cleaned and cut into bite size pieces
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Dash of soy sauce
Cooking method:
  • Put stock into pot to boil.
  • Add the assortment of meat/squid/fish balls and cook until they float to the surface.
  • Add the straw mushrooms, baby bok choi and the mee suah or tang hoon.
  • Season to taste.
  • Consume.
Simple and most importantly, minimal work.

Enjoy...pic coming, no energy to edit.

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