Friday, September 21, 2007


For the past few days, my photo editor software has been psycho and decides to have an "error" whenever I try to save edited work. Yes, edited photos that I have been working on for 10-30 mins. Isn't that incredibly frustrating? I spend precious time working on my pictures with nothing to show for it. Well, I guess that I'm lucky it didn't wipe out my original photos.

I WAANNNT Photoshop......even if I have no idea how to use it. Camedia Master from Olympus just doesn't cut it anymore and iPhoto is almost identical....except that it has the "retouch" option so I can ch'ng my pimples imperfections away. you get to hear me whine today but have nothing to look at. Sorry :P



Tine said...

Ahh use GIMP ( It's similar to Photoshop, but it's free, and it's lighter. At least till you fix Photoshop lar. If not, this does the trick too :)

TrueBluePenangite said...

You are so helpful. Thanks Tine!!!!